Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wheaties evolves?

New Wheaties boxes are appearing on grocery store shelves, but not with athletic heroes. Instead a new line of boxes is promoting something new that will be unveiled on September 9th. No solid clues are given, except a tag line of "Fuel. Win. Evolve". and a website ( that contains nothing more than this image.

While we'll have to wait 3 1/2 months to know for sure, this could be something significant from General Mills. Hopefully. In recent years Wheaties has lacked the lustre it once had. Perhaps a new, stronger brand aimed at today's true fitness buffs could make this a hard-core cereal with a position all its own.

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Sarah said...

hi - i'm very intrigued about this new wheaties box. it isn't on my local grocery's shelves. do you have an image of it by chance? you can email me at thanks!

child3 said...

I was very lucky I found the new labeled Wheaties box of cereral at my local supermarket I eat wheaties all the time

Anonymous said...

I saw on Paul Aresu's website that him and his team did the photoshoot. I love his work and can't wait to see what the box looks like.