Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recession good for cereal?

It was exactly one year ago that I pondered the impact of the recession on the cereal industry. One year later it looks like the recession could actually be boosting cereal sales, at least for General Mills. Their second quarter profit is up 50%, and analysts believe that in addition to lower ingredient costs more people are turning to cereal for cheap meal, and not just for breakfast. People are eating at home more and cereal is a versatile food that can be eaten at any time. 

Are you eating more cereal now?

(Source: AP)

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Houston employment attorney said...

I ate a lot of cereal when I was in college because I was too lazy to cook. Now I'm just eating cereal because I don't feel like buying food! Ah, but it's OK because I enjoy cereal and it keeps me slimmer.