Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Over the years I have highlighted the inventions of passionate cereal lovers, such as innovative bowls.

The latest is the Obol, which bills itself as "The Original Crispy Bowl", designed to eliminate soggy cereal (although some people like milk-drenched cereal!) With a unique "Swoop n Scoop" design, the cereal and milk are kept separate until that moment that you move your spoonful of cereal in and through the milk.

What is particularly noteworthy of this bowl is its creative design, which includes its ability to be easily held.

Could this be a new way to eat cereal?

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Anonymous said...

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Michael "Mr Obol"
Stay crispy my friend

Anonymous said...

Does it come in right AND left handed versions? It doesn't quite look ambidextrous.

Anonymous said...

... but definitely a neat idea!

Lloyd said...

Hopefully "Mr. Obol" is monitoring these comments.

But, it doesn't appear that they are offering a left handed version. But, if this takes off they should.

nuttflower said...

As a lefty and a proud owner of an Obol, I can say that it is not awkward to use at all. In fact, it's actually the perfect lefty bowl and perhaps Mr. Obol should consider making a 'righty' version.

tim said...

http://getitmade.com/getitmade/products/PorridgeBowl I'm trying to get some traction with this product before I go into manufacture. What do you think?

Lloyd said...

Tim, the bowl looks great. But, apart from that I wonder how many people would actually want a bowl like that? Unless you're a die-hard oatmeal/porridge eater I don't know it it would be a "must have".

Anonymous said...

just got the bowl as a present. No more soggy rice krispies! I love it!