Thursday, December 09, 2010

Holy Crap?

In a crowded cereal marketplace the key is standing out.

Here's a bold attempt by a small Canadian company. Last year their company, HapiFoods, began selling a new, health oriented cereal. The "Holy Crap" response they received from consumers led them to use the name. And, now with some media exposure, they have sold thousands of this cereal, and another variety, Skinny B. In fact, they are weeks behind in production, and turned down an NBC Today Show appearance because they wouldn't have been able to handle the demand.

The cereal is a combination of chia, hulled hemp seeds, buckwheat, apples, cranberries, raisins and cinnamon. It is also free of wheat, gluten and lactose. While the cereal is somewhat novel, the packaging is far from innovative or exciting. But, the name itself is enough to garner attention. So far it's been working.

(Source: Toronto Star)

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1 comment:

christmas sweets said...

LOL!! What an unconventional name for a food brand. But there's definitely nothing funny with their idea of coming up with such a healthy cereal. The world needs more innovators such as them nowadays. Kudos to Holy Crap. Haha.