Monday, October 24, 2011

General Mills and DC Comics

Last week General Mills announced a partnership with DC Comics, and that for a limited time some of their prominent, sweetened cereals would feature custom Justice League comic books. A special website will allow readers to continue their adventure reading. Incorporating books, DVDs, computer games and now comic books, is not a new concept for General Mills. And, this certainly taps into a dedicated niche market of comic fanatics.

A good marketing move.

I am wondering, however, if the execution on this one is enough. This would have been a great opportunity for General Mills to either introduce a new, comic-based cereal, or to feature the comic book heroes more prominently on specially-designed boxes. In my opinion, the simple banner approach lacks vigor, and misses out on an even greater marketing push.

(Thanks to @antonioortegajr for the tip!)

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