Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween cereal

Halloween and cereal are a perfect fit, and a number of companies have taken advantage of the marketing opportunities over the years, and none more than General Mills. Again, this year, they released their monster cereals in time for Halloween, but they were largely unchanged in box design from 2010. Several other children's-oriented cereals feature similar seasonal graphics again this year.

But, in my opinion, the award for the best Halloween cereal for 2011 goes to Quaker for the introduction of Halloween [Cap'n] Crunch. This is a unique, limited-edition cereal that should provide the most breakfast fun this year.

And the milk turns green!


Anonymous said...

This sounds great, and I will try it. I just had Chocolate Captain Crunch over the weekend, and it was great.

- J. Rayball
Cranford, NJ

Tech said...

Wanna try.

Poppy said...

I sooooooo wish we'd seen this on the grocery store shelves! If it's there next year I'm reviewing it!!!