Monday, July 23, 2012

"More" from Post

Recently in grocery stores large boxes of cereals are showing up promising "more". Good Morenings cereal is a new brand launched by Post that appears to be a major thrust since their move late last year to go public and independent. Good Morenings is bold on several fronts, mainly because it is actually six new cereals which come in large boxes (over 20 ounces) that stand out on the grocers shelves.

The six new varieties include some knock-offs like frosted flakes, berry loops, vanilla o's, and waffle crunch. But, there are also some innovative flavors like cocoa cinnamon crunch and strawberry and creme. The emphasis in this brand seems to be on value. They are priced well, and they want consumers to believe that they have good nutrition value too, packed with vitamins and minerals but lacking high fructose corn syrup (although their sugar content is on the high side).

In any case, this is an interesting move from Post, who desperately needs to reinvent itself. These cereals should stand out, although I haven't seen any formal marketing campaign yet. Post appears to be taking its future seriously, and this is a good example. In addition, they have also made some other changes with a revised logo and visual identity, plus the launch of, an online social site that encourages consumers to share positive intentions for their day. All in all, Post may be on the right track.

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