Tuesday, July 10, 2012


You knew it was only a matter of time, and finally someone has done it. We've seen cereal focused on children, sports, digestive health, etc. but now we have entered a new frontier. Big Life Foods, a Canadian company, has introduced SexCereal, two cereals (one for men, one for women) to help you "Fuel Your Fire."

SexCereals are touted as "an amazingly delicious melange of wonderful, sometimes exotic, whole foods and spice." The implied message is that these formulas will enhance your love life.

This is obviously an incredible marketing effort, and one that should catch people's attention. But, as always, the cereals themselves had better be pretty tasty (or effective!) or the novelty will wear off fast, especially at almost $11.00 a box. At this point the cereals are available online and in Canadian health food stores. Don't look for it at your local grocers anytime soon, especially next to the Froot Loops.

(More at: Ottawa Citizen)

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