Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cereal going to the dogs

Dried dog food already looks like cereal, but now a company is building on humans' affection for cereal. Bow Wow! Breakfast Cereal for Dogs positions itself as "complete breakfast nutrition for dogs". Some of the packaging is designed to mimic certain human brands.
Great marketing. But, I wouldn't buy it for my dog.

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Anonymous said...

We're a pet friendly bed and breakfast in Montana, and of course cereal is always a "first course" here at the Fish Creek House. Now we have something to put on the menu for our canine friends!!

Anonymous said...

Bow Wow Breakfast for Dogs is a terrific dog food, my dog loves it! I highly recommend this Dog food. The company who makes it is not involved in the pet food recall and I feel very safe feeding it to my dog on a daily basis. I recommend this dog food to anyone thinking about trying it, during this very hectic time in the Pet Food industry!