Monday, September 18, 2006

Cereal and bloggers

Significant blog posts from the past few weeks regarding cereal:
Mises Economic Blog finally uncovers the official reason Kelloggs uses a foil wrapper as opposed to a plastic wrapper.
The Impulisve Buy discusses the introduction of new Fruity Cheerios.
Amanda passes on a "study" on how your favorite Lucky Charm correlates with your love life
While hardly profound, Louie the boy wonder contributes to the latest trend of bloggers completing lists and survey: "My Top 10 Cereals".

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KMP (Keep Me Posted) said...
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KMP (Keep Me Posted) said...

Although i am a little late, I recently had a cereal bags issue, similar to one of the blogger's issue. I also got the same response from Kellogg's and other responses from the other cereal companies.

I thought it was interesting that they have a template for these types of questions.


Check the cereal bags blog here: