Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Weekly Poll Update

The results from our latest Breakfast Bowl poll are in. Last week's question was: "Who is your favorite current General Mills cereal character?"

Here are the results:

Trix - 38%
Sonny the Cuckoo Bird - 21%
Lucky the Leprechaun - 17%
Boo Berry - 13%
Count Chocula & Franken Berry (tie) - 8%

My take on the above results: People love the crazy rabbit. I thought Lucky would get more votes, but he is quite annoying.

Here's the question for this week:

I am interested to find out who your favorite cereal character is. For this round, we will deal with current characters and each week deal with one company at a time. So, for this week: "Who is your favorite current Post or Quaker cereal character?"


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