Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cereal poll update

The results from our latest Breakfast Bowl poll are in. My last question was: "What do you add to your cereal?"

Here are the results:

Milk - 31%
Fresh Fruit - 13%
Soy Milk - 10%
Yogurt, and Dried Fruit (TIE) - 8%
White Sugar - 5%
Nuts, and Supplements (TIE) - 4%
Chocolate Milk, Brown Sugar, Spices, and Other (TIE) - 3%
Juice - 2%
Water, Coconut, and Candy (TIE) - 1%

NOTE: percentages are based on total number of votes (i.e. multiples choices were permitted), not voters.

My take on the above results: Cereal is a truly versatile food!

Now it's time for our next question: "How do you prefer your cereal? [Crunchy or Soggy]"


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