Wednesday, January 07, 2009

MyWayCereal crowding the market

With the start of the new year things are rather quiet in the cereal world. One story that is regularly catching my attention in recent months concerns the start-up of custom-cereal companies such as mymuesli, MixMyGranola, and [me]&goji. The latest entrant to the field is MyWayCereal.

I don't want to sound like a broken record, but what amazes me is how these startups are taking an innovative idea, but are themselves lacking any real differentiation. That is, they are all similiar: Choose your combinations online, and the finished product will be sent to you in a cylindrical container. Aren't there more ways for them to be innovative? Sure, the market is at its earliest phases and no real leader has emerged in the U.S., but sadly there will be casualities in this industry before maybe one rises to prominence. One only has to look at the cereal restaurant explosion of few years ago to see the same initial excitement. Except, today the concept seems to be almost dead. Hopefully custom-cereal makers will see the light and avoid these pitfalls.

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