Friday, September 03, 2010

Special K gets a fiber boost

In some ways this is hardly a story with reporting, but on the other hand it is significant.

In recent years Kellogg has given new life to one of its core cereal brands, Special K. By focusing on weight loss, they have created a whole range of cereals, bars, and drinks under the Special K label. The effort has paid off, making Special K Kellogg's number one brand.

But, there was always one thing that puzzled me. For such a health conscious cereal, Special K was significantly lacking in fiber. Even Apple Jacks and Froot Loops have been boosted with additional fiber. It looks like Kellogg has finally realized the inconsistency and has added fiber (for a total of 3g per serving) to many of its Special K cereals, except its original variety.

It's long overdue.

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