Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Cereal trivia quiz

1. What is Cap’n Crunch’s first name?

2. Which athlete has appeared most often on a Wheaties box?

3. Name the three original flavors in Froot Loops.

4. How many cereal boxes can be made out of 1 pound of recycled newspaper?

5. What was the first Internet cereal?

6. Which cereal would even picky Mikey eat?

7. Name the four original shapes in Lucky Charms.

8. Which word has disappeared from the names of several cereals over the years?

9. Does a box of Post Grape Nuts contain any grapes or nuts?

1 0. What are Rice Krispies called in Asia?

11. What is the percentage of sugar in Apple Jacks? How about Nabisco Shredded Wheat?

12. What is the name of the green rooster that has appeared on Kellogg’s Corn Flakes since 1958?

13. Where, exactly, is the Honeycomb Hideout?

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1. Horatio

2. Michael Jordan (18 times)

3. Orange, lemon and cherry

4. Six

5. Quisp, introduced online by Quaker in 1999. To order: .

6. Life

7. Pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars and green clovers. Only the pink hearts remain. Other shapes introduced since that first box in 1963 include blue diamonds, purple horseshoes, red balloons, rainbows, yellow pots of gold and green leprechaun hats.

8. Sugar. For example, Sugar Smacks are now Honey Smacks; Sugar Pops are now Corn Pops; Super Sugar Crisp is now Golden Crisp.

9. No. Grape Nuts contain wheat and barley.

10. Rice Bubbles

11. 54.6 percent (Apple Jacks) and 0.6 percent (Shredded Wheat)

12. Cornelius

13. We’re not sure, but we’d like to hang out there.

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