Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Macho Muesli

Jordans Cereals, a British company that I have highlighted before, seems to be one of the industry's innovation leaders. Recently they introduced Macho Muesli, a cereal designed specifically for men. This was just the creation of some R&D test kitchen, but comes from a marketing campaign where men were invited to visit a Men & Muesli website and to share their ideas through an online survey.

Besides the tub packaging, Macho Muesli is a unique cereal taste, with "a tasty chunky blend of wholegrain cereal flakes with raisins, chopped nuts, dried sweetened cranberries, cocoa nibs and pumpkin seeds". In Jordan's words, "it's not bird food!"

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Anonymous said...

I have just been reading your comments about Jordans and I thought you might be interested to know that we our new mueslis are about to hit shelves in the UK in the next few weeks. All the new packaging is really lovely, you can see for yourself if you visit www.jordanscereals.co.uk, and keep up to date with our blog, http://jordanscereals.blogspot.com/Our website will be re launched on the 6th October. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lloyd said...

Thanks Rachel. I'll be watching!