Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pops MiXit

It's been a busy summer personally, but quiet on the cereal front. But, with September almost here some cereal developments are beginning to emerge.

For example, there isn't much fanfare that I can see, but Kellogg has launched Pops MiXit cereals, five different flavored cereals designed specifically for mixing. According to their website these cereals are "for a limited time only", and there is indication that the primary retailer is Walmart. The varieties are: Chocolate, Double Fudge, Graham, Marshmallow and Strawberry. The purpose is to mix and match the various flavors to "create your own unique cereal every morning".

Mixing cereals is something that people already do naturally, but here's a deliberate attempt to build on that inclination. Even though this appears to be test marketing, I'm glad to see Kellogg stepping outside the box and trying something innovative. It will be interesting to see if the concept catches on or if it evolves into some other kind of cereal products.

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