Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cereal at the Movies - The Sequel

Recently I posted on the recent proliferation of cereal boxes from General Mills and Kellogg that are movie-themed. As these big companies struggle with their sales and market share working on licensing arrangements with movie studios is a smart move.

Since then, an even more interesting set of movie-themed cereals have shown up, this time from MOM Brands. In case, that doesn't ring a bell, MOM is now the third-largest cereal manufacturer in the U.S. and is mostly known for its Malt-O-Meal brand (and the company's original name), which is largely comprised of mainstream cereal knock-offs. Early this year they were bought by Post.

In partnership with DreamWorks they have launched four new cereals: Shrek Ogre O's, Madasgascar S'mores Jungle Party, Penguins Operation Chocolate Mix, and Dragons Dragon Adventure Crunch. So far these appear to be only available at Walmart.

The significance of these new cereals is that it suddenly propels MOM even further into the big leagues. They are no longer cheap, bagged cereals but are showing that they want to and can compete in the premium brand space too.

Breakfast is getting fun again!