Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kellogg goes dark

Summer has kept me busy and somewhat behind, but some interesting cereal tings have been popping up. One of those over the last month or so has been the appearance of a new marketing campaign from Kellogg that reinforces what many already know: cereal is a great snack food, especially at night.

This is more than just a few ads highlighting the convenience and taste of cereal for those with late-night cravings. They have gone all out with special night-themed cereal boxes for a number of their brands, and displays in stores. This will be a limited-time campaign but it is a way for Kellogg to remind those who have perhaps lost interest in cereal that it's not just for breakfast. This fits well into efforts to expand sales and with Kellogg's own foray into snack foods with other brands.

What's your favorite cereal for night-time snacking?