Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Over the years I have highlighted the inventions of passionate cereal lovers, such as innovative bowls.

The latest is the Obol, which bills itself as "The Original Crispy Bowl", designed to eliminate soggy cereal (although some people like milk-drenched cereal!) With a unique "Swoop n Scoop" design, the cereal and milk are kept separate until that moment that you move your spoonful of cereal in and through the milk.

What is particularly noteworthy of this bowl is its creative design, which includes its ability to be easily held.

Could this be a new way to eat cereal?

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Monday, November 15, 2010

The perfect wine for your cereal

Looking for a whole new take on cereal?

Then check out this video featuring wine expert Gary Vaynerchuk. He has become an Internet sensation with his serious but irreverent and entertaining look at wine on his website, wine library tv. In an episode from last year Vaynerchuk addresses the ultimate burning question for cereal connoisseurs: "What Wine Pairs with Cereal?"

Even if you don't drink wine this is fun to watch!

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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Cereal Leftovers

Here are some recent cereal related items that caught my attention that didn't make the cut for a full blog post:

cottage industrialist gives instructions for turning your cereal box into an expandable file folder

A Guardian columnist gives tips on how to be green and a cereal lover

A Gazette-Mail reader writes on the frustration of cereal mail-in offers.

Not new, but I discovered a Gizmodo report on a cereal spoon USB drive. For the ultimate cereal lover?

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