Monday, April 15, 2013

Cereal lovers, get social

Social media is changing our world, and cereal is not immune from this trend. While this has been happening for a few years now, it is fair to say that apart from a number of Facebook page and Twitter accounts cereal companies have yet to really capitalize on this technology.

General Mills, however, has recently made an attempt to get ahead of the pack. They recently, quietly introduced Hello, Cereal Lovers, a Tumblr blog "to celebrate all of the reasons people love cereal." But, this is no blatant General Mills marketing ploy. It's much more subtle. In fact, you have to dig deep to find out that the company is behind it, even though it is quite obvious since the only cereal brands featured are from the big G.

Hello, Cereal Lovers is big on photos, and has the layout and content similar to what you would see on Pinterest. It's designed to make cereal not only fun, but also the content sharable on Tumblr or a range of other social media sites.

Despite what one may think of this venture, General Mills should be complimented on their effort and recognition that social media cannot be ignored, even when it comes to cereal.