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The Breakfast Bowl is about our favorite breakfast food, and the important role that it plays in our culture. Special attention will be given to news, marketing, trends, and how we enjoy cereal in our lives. The Breakfast Bowl is the leading independent blog about cereal, and is not connected with any cereal companies or marketing firms.

The keeper of the "bowl" is Lloyd Moritz, a long-time cereal enthusiast and cereal box collector living in Washington state, USA. Lloyd has appeared in print, digital, and TV broadcast media across North America to comment on the state of cereal in our culture and the cereal industry.

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Anonymous said...


Would you ever consider writing a post on the egregious change of shape of the Post Shredded Wheat cereal. I refer to the following (http://imgur.com/gallery/ZtxVPhu)- the change back to the original, which are objectively worse than the new shape.

Thank you and have a great weekend.