Sunday, September 29, 2013

Digital cereal experiences

One of the main reasons for cereal's success is the experience it has provided people at the breakfast table over the years. And, we're not talking about the cereal itself, but the boxes, promotions, and even premiums accompanying it.

Times are changing, and innovation is essential. About one and a half years ago General Mills announced that they were working on enhancing their products with digital content. (Others have previously considered other ideas, such as bringing hi-tech boxes to our tables). In a new promotion with Wheaties, General Mills is delivering on one such digital experience. Partnering with the mobile app, Blippar, it is possible to have an augmented reality experience while eating the breakfast of champions. 

Gimmicky? Yes. But, a valuable experiment nonetheless. Credit is due to General Mills for being the leader in leveraging popular consumer technologies to enhance their products. They have been doing it with social media, and now this. Very promising.