Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Time for packaging innovation

For the second day in a row I am highlighting a cereal innovation from the U.K.

Jordans Cereals have introduced a new cereal bag that stands out for several reasons. First of all it breaks away from the cardboard box and liner approach found with most cereals. Second, it is a standing bag, and not the flimsy cellophane of bulk and discount cereals. Third, the packaging material itself is unique: recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and soon fully compostable. Finally, the packages look good!

I have long argued that the future of cereal will be shaped by those willing to innovate. The big cereal leaders, Kellogg and General Mills, seem to be more focused on short-term profits and brand extensions than truly creative innovations. Perhaps they need to look at European examples like Jordans and mymuesli to see more substantial breakthroughs.

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