Thursday, September 11, 2008


I've been gone a lot this summer (which explains the sparse blogging), and one of my trips took me to Canada. While most Canadian cereals are the same as their U.S. counterparts (except for bilingual English and French boxes), there are some unique products worth noting.

This year I was intrigued with YogActive, a German cereal that is being imported into Canada and sold by mainstream stores like Walmart. Available in nine different flavors, including mandarin orange and strawberry-dark chocolate, what makes them truly stand out is the fact that they are a probiotic food, containing 15% yogurt pearls with active Lactobacillus acidophilous bacteria. While not the only probiotic cereal on the market, this is the first brand devoted to this type of functional food. 


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dansfavoriteserial said...

dear loyd,
i have never been to washington State before but i do visit California often! i hope to sell retailers like Trader Joe s and Coscto shortly as we sell our probiotiuc cereals to Mexico,Singapore and all thru Canada! we beleive in the power of probiotics and also we make our cereals with no GMO s unlike the big cereal companies we compete with!thanks for spreading the good word on my cereals as i am the founder of Yogactive ! Danny

dansfavoriteserials said...

hi there LLOyd
i like your blog page
tehere are not a lot of small companies making great Breakfast cereals
i m what you call a maverick
its the David vs the Goliath classic battle
well my slingshot is called Yogactive
thanks for writing about my brand
Founder Yofgactive cereals

dansfavoriteserials said...

curiosu to getting feedback from you and your fellow vloggers that lun breakfast cereals

Lloyd said...


Thanks for connecting with this blog. It is good to see some innovative mavericks out there shaking up the industry. I'd love to talk with you sometime about your venture.


Anonymous said...

This cereal is really good, if only it weren't for the fact that it contains trans fats. If you check the ingredients you will see that the yogurt pearls are made with hydrogenated oils.

Anonymous said...

Dear Danny

I love your Yogactive cereal. It's now the only cereal I buy. I have only one problem, the dried fruit. While I love fruit, I would prefer to add fresh to my cereal myself. I love the yogurt pearls, but I always have to pick the dried fruit out before I eat it. So far I've only seen 2 different kinds here in Costco and both have dried fruit in them. Do you have a cereal with just the yogurt in it?

Evelyn said...

Hi, I fell in love with YogActive -the high fibre one. But like everything i fall in love with,there comes a time when they become extinct on me. What's the deal with the YogActive cereal. I have made so many trips in the last month to try to locate this cereal at 5 different Walmarts in Canada. Where in the world have they dissappeared to? I am very upset. Please please help me find that cereal. I call the # on the box but they have not called me back. Email very dissappointed customer.


Lynn said...

I have the same problem as Evelyn. I love the cereal but can no longer find it anywhere. I used to get it at Costco in Abbotsford BC but it is gone and Walmart doesn't have it

Anonymous said...

great news starting september or maybe sooner this year Costco West may offer Yogactive all year round , we really thank you for writing it makes a difference when we share your frustrations with our retailers who cant find Yogactive in their favorite retail locations or warehouse Clubs
Danny - owner of Yogactive cereals a family owned company