Monday, October 06, 2008


Following in the footsteps of German cereal innovator, mymuesli, is an American company called [me]&goji. This New England upstart promises "custom artisanal cereal" that is "designed by you, handmade by us". Like with mymuesli you pick the ingredients and they put them all together and send them to you in a plastic cereal capsule. Some of the ingredient choices are quite exotic, and include such things as goji berry, chia seed, and macadamia. In all there are over 40 natural and organic ingredient choices. The cost starts at $4.90 for a 600g (21oz) capsule (but couild easily be much higher depending on your ingredient choices) plus USPS shipping. Not cheap, but when you are innovative and unique you don't necessarily have to be.

As I've stated before with mymuesli, this is an innovation to watch.

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