Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cheerios and health claims

General Mills has been slapped by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration because of health claims that appear on Cheerios boxes. The claim is that you could "lower your cholesterol 4 percent in six weeks", which is too specific for the FDA and treads into drug claim territory.General Mills countered saying that the claim has been on boxes for more than two years and is backed by a strong clinical study.

In a highly competitive environment cereal companies are doing all they can to stand out and gain an edge. In this case General Mills may have gone a little too far.

Sources: Reuters, General Mills

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, and eating Lucky Charms might make you lucky says the Governments Gaming Commission.Idiots.

Millionaires Of Genesis said...

If General Mills has a cereal that can be deemed a drug it sure isn't Cheerios.

I've probably scooped out 50 pounds of sugar over my lifetime just to give my Cheerios a little flavor.

The cereal has done more for sugar and banana consumption in this country than any other.


Barbara said...

thanks for your post.

Barbara said...

thanks for your post.