Wednesday, December 09, 2009

General Mills to further reduce sugars

General Mills announced today that they will be further reducing the sugar content in cereals. Specifically, this applies to cereals advertised to children and the sugar levels will be brought down to "single-digit" levels per serving.

The trend toward healthier cereals is growing, largely the result of pressure from advocacy groups concerned about the marketing of unhealthy cereals to children. Kellogg has already reduced sugar content in many of its cereals, and both Kellogg and General Mills have boosted their cereals with fiber.

General Mills admits that reducing sugar can impact cereal taste. But, they believe that "technology, time and investment" is allowing them to reach their goal.

This evolution to more nutritious cereals is a reality we must accept. While classic cereal brands targeted to children will persist, they will certainly never again be as many of us remember them from our childhoods.

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Cereal Guru said...

I don't think General Mills should reduce sugar in Children's Cereals. Does Coke have to change it's Coke formula? Does Hershey's have to reduce sugar in its candy bars? Parents have a variety of options for kids cereals--both higher and low sugar. Make the choice that's best for your family but don't ruin the taste for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry GM isn't doing it for the goodness of their heart, they are reducing sugar because that is the most expensive ingredent.