Monday, January 04, 2010

The skinny on Special K

It's January and many people are experiencing guilt from Holiday excess and resolving to remove the extra pounds and inches. Of course, there are many diets and fitness plans vying for our dollars. And, in recent, years Kellogg's Special K cereal and other food spin-offs has become one of those options.

This week a new set of ads are being launched targeting women and their self-identities. Entitled "Be Victorious", the focus has an emotional appeal, not a rational one. In fact, the Special K logo and products are not shown at all in the ads, just a subtle reminder to "take the Special K challenge".

The rebirth of Special K as a dieting system has been a tremendous success for Kellogg. The brand is stronger now than ever. The real question remains, however, with the weight loss market very fickle, how long can this emphasis last? Will women looking to lose weight really get the results they desire, especially over the long-term, or will they move to the next big thing and leave Special K a languishing brand?

Time will tell.

Source: New York Times (Note: I am quoted in the article)

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