Saturday, February 27, 2010

Post builds on nostalgia

General Mills is not the only company taking advantage of cereal nostalgia right now. In a store I came across a new line of Post Toasties cereals that are actually being referred to as Post "Classics". (Will there be others?) Toasties was the name of Post's version of Corn Flakes, which was discontinued in 2006. The new Toasties, however, also come in Frosted Flakes, and wheat and barley O's varieties. This is not the first attempt for Post at tapping into nostalgia.

The new Toasties boxes are not truly vintage, but they do have the feel. Nevertheless, they are getting it right by going for the emotional attachment consumers have with cereal. Hopefully they will dig into their recipe archives even more.

By the way, on the topic of vintage cereals, be sure to visit the poll on our main page to indicate which cereals from the past you'd like to see.

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