Saturday, May 01, 2010

Kellogg tries Cinnabon

Making a cinnamon roll cereal is a great idea, but one that hasn't really taken off yet. Now Kellogg has introduced Cinnabon, capitalizing on a licensing agreeement with the well-known baker.

This is not the first attempt by either Kellogg or Cinnabon. In fact, for Kellogg this is the third time. Previously they had produced Cinnamon Mini-Buns and Swirlz, but neither really took. Cinnabon tried to market its own cereals a couple of years ago, also with limited success. This is not a new relationship, as Kellogg has already been selling
Cinnabon Snack Bars.

But this time the cereal could work. Two well-known brands coming together with Kellogg's manufacturing and distribution could make for a winning formula.

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