Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Post goes independent (again)

Post, one of the original breakfast cereal brands, is once again facing new ownership, the fourth time in 26 years. But, instead of being taken over by another food conglomerate (as it was in the past by General Foods, Kraft, and most recently Ralcorp), Post will become an independent, public company. Ralcorp didn't have success with the brand and has decided to move on.

Post certainly is a well-known company, with some strong brands, but really nothing that has captivated the marketplace. As I've suggested previously, the middle of the cereal market is getting squeezed, and Post is a prime example of such a company struggling to enjoy success. The new company will embark on a new strategy, but organizational and functional changes may not be enough for Post to be the cereal powerhouse it once was.


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