Monday, March 26, 2012

More Wheaties questioning

Last week General Mills released their latest financial data, and the news doesn't look good for Wheaties. There is growing evidence that their market share and sales are declining. A recent story at CNBC captures the situation well (and includes quotes from yours truly).

I've talked about the brand struggle at Wheaties for several years now, and even as recently as last month. Wheaties is a familiar brand that has captured many significant connections with sports in America over the past few decades. But, despite our nostaglia with the cereal, it just doesn't have much appeal any longer. Is it time for Wheaties to bow out of the race? Or, is there still potential with a renewed vision?


BusinessSnob said...

I don't know if you've done a review of Wheaties Fuel but that cereal alone is reason enough for Wheaties to stay in the game. I wish the price point was a bit lower, but it offers so many vitamins in one serving. I'm a big fan of the cereal...but I do eat Total in its place because of the price difference.

Anonymous said...

Maybe instead of wasting money on licensing deals, General Mills should be investing in making a better, healthier Wheaties cereal.