Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cereal goes to the Olympics

This year the gold medal goes to: Kellogg's. For the 2012 London games the company is the official sponsor of the USA Olympic and Paralympic teams and gets the right to piggy back on all the attention that the massive sporting event provide. In addition to specially marked Corn Flakes boxes featuring Team Kellogg, specific athletes, they have introduced a limited-edition Team USA cereal.

Kellogg's has had this privilege for a number of years. I'm just surprised that they haven't taken advantage of it even more than they are. There is so much more marketing potential here.

UPDATE: More on Kellogg's sponsorship on their website, includes links to commercials and ads.

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Lloyd said...

Bob, there are still a few around, and even some new ones opening up here and there. I'm now aware of a patent (although one could search for that one the U.S. patent website), but I think that there is still room for innovation here that could make the concept more successful.