Saturday, March 12, 2016

March Cereal Madness

I haven't blogged much in the past few months as a result of wrapping up an educational venture, but with that complete, I'm ready for more cereal information and fun on The Breakfast Bowl! As a way to get back in the bowl I am excited to launch March Cereal Madness!

It's that time of year when basketball fans are filling out and watching their brackets that will predict the top of the heap in college basketball. In the spirit of the season The Breakfast Bowl is launching its own competition to determine the most loved cereal!

Here's how it works: Beginning today, a new poll will be taken almost every day, that will ultimately lead to head-to-head battles between cereals, leading to an eventual winner. Each poll will be posted on this blog, and you will have five days to give us your answer. Keep checking this blog, our Facebook page (turn on notifications), or our Twitter feed for daily reminders to vote.

The first six polls will be a qualification round where we will narrow down the best of some the popular brands with multiple varieties. Then we will have head-to-head polls every day taking several rounds until we find our champion. It will actually be well into April until we know the winner.

Please note that it is impossible to have all the cereals in this competition. We will be sticking with the best known cereals of the mainstream brands.

It should be fun! Thanks for actively participating in this contest!

Here's our first poll to get you started. It's in the qualification round, and seeks to find the best variety of Cheerios:

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