Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Kellogg tries bilingual again

A look at recent Kellogg's cereal boxes reveals some subtle, but significant changes. Specifically, the company is now incorporating Spanish in the Nutrition Facts panel, and on the front weight listing. I have detected this on a wide range of cereals, including Corn Flakes, Apple Jacks, Frosted Flakes, and more.

I asked Kellogg about this, and here is their response:
"Kellogg offers a selection of products in bilingual packaging to welcome our ever-growing Hispanic population with their favorites here in the United States. Because our packages communicate important nutrition information, it is important to provide key elements in Spanish for these consumers. By offering the Nutrition Facts in Spanish and English, the nutrient value of the products is easily understood."
Bilingual packaging is not completely new for Kellogg. They have gone completely bilingual on cereals targeted specifically to Hispanics, as when they introduced Choco Zucaritas and Touch of Honey Corn Flakes in the United States. Of course, in other countries, such as Canada, bilingual labelling has long been the norm. It is not required in the U.S., but obviously they feel this is a way that they can assist and appeal to Hispanic consumers, who are a growing demographic in this country, but not necessarily big breakfast cereal eaters. Considering how cereal companies are struggling, any little move like this could be seen as a tactic to bolster their market share.

Who knows, if more and more Hispanics take to cereal, might we someday see many fully bilingual cereal boxes?


Heidi said...

reallY? how about learn the language in the country your living in? no matter where it is.

Dawn said...


That's because they can sue Kelogg for not posting the contents. They have rights! It's crazy.

Juan said...


The U.S. is a bilingual country. Spanish has been used here since before the British arrived.