Friday, April 20, 2018

Lucky Charms feeling a little less blue

There was excitement in the cereal world last fall, when it was leaked that General Mills would be introducing a Frosted Flakes version of its highly popular Lucky Charms. As I noted upon its release at the beginning of this year, this was more than just another variety, but an attempted direct hit at Kellogg's iconic Frosted Flakes brand with the use of an almost identical blue background, and an all-caps white typeface.

If there was any confusion with the two brands, that should now be lessened. I just spotted an updated version of Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes with a much lighter blue background and different lettering. These new boxes have begun to appear without any fanfare or announcement from General Mills.

So why did they go with this redesign so quickly after launch? Most likely Kellogg put pressure on them, warning them that it was too close to their Frosted Flakes design scheme (even though Frosted Flakes as a name is not a registered trademark). The less cynical might think this was intentional, to create less confusion between the two cereals.

In any case, scoop up some boxes of the original, dark blue version. They could be a collector items some day!

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