Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cereality promotion in Old Navy

I have learned that Cereality will be running a promotion at Old Navy stores across the U.S. this coming Friday morning during the post-Thanksgiving shopping rush.
The first customers arriving after 7am will receive a taste of Cereality's "Jolly Ol' Breakfast Bar" that has the flavor of cranberry and vanilla. In two stores, one in Chicago and the other in San Francisco, pajama-clad Cereologists will on hand.
Sounds like a cool promotion to get Cereality better known in areas where they will be hopefully expanding.
I guess I'll be up early Friday morning!

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Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to receive one of these complimentary bars and they are sOOOOOOO good. I might have to call up one of their stores and order more. They are awesome!!

Lloyd said...

Thanks for the review. I never did make it there to get my own!