Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kellogg's Number One Brand

Kellogg has a number of powerful brands. But, which is number one? Corn Flakes? Rice Krispies? Frosted Flakes?
It's Special K. What was once a timid cereal has now emerged as Kellogg's strongest brand, primarily because of its emphasis on dieting (as I've previously posted). Health conscious consumers have latched on to this concept, and Kellogg has taken advantage of it by introducing a number of new cereal varieties, such as Special K Red Berries. But, now they are going to extend the brand even further by launching protein bars and even "protein waters" and Special K Personal Trainer watches. (See article in Advertising Age).

Special K has been a runaway success because Kellogg has been very clear as to its brand identity. Other cereals could benefit from similar marketing strategies (and the recent success with All-Bran may be another good example). One only has to wonder, however, if extending the brand beyond cereal will dilute its strength and make it a meaningless commodity.

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