Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Cereal and bloggers

It's been a long time since I last listed significant blog postings pertaining to cereal. Here are some over the past couple of months that caught my attention:

Samuel L. Bronkowitz presents comments on the not-so new-shaped Trix.

Girls Cash Cars reveals a simple, but hilarious Shreddies advertisement from Canada.

The Ramblings of a Collegiate Designer is about a graphic design student's adventure in creating a cereal box.

The Toque rallies against granola

Kellogg's new Cereal Straws have been getting considerable attention on the blogosphere, including: The Impulsive Buy, and The Thoughtful Bagger,

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finky the kid said...


Thanks for the link to Samuel L. Bronkowitz presents!

BTW, I'm undecided still on those new cereal straws.

Unknown said...

Wow, I never knew there was so much to know about Cereal!

There is this conference to show off your skillz and think cereal would be perfect:


You can win an iPhone or camcorder and they don't have that many contestants.

Hit me up there my username is sandieman.

Cheryl said...

Check out my post on Capn Crunch at http://basenjimom.blogspot.com