Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More shrinking boxes

Last fall I reported the trend toward cereal companies decreasing the size of their boxes in order to cut costs and maintain profits. Kellogg was the first one out of the gate. Now, there are reports that General Mills is using the same trick to camouflage price increases.

Sneaky? Yes.

Harmful? Maybe not this one time. But, big cereal companies cannot believe that they continue to play these games without some affect on consumers. Many are already turning to generic brands and specialty cereals. If Kellogg, Generals Mills are not careful they will be minor players in a marketplace that could easily continue to dominate if they focused more on innovation.

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futurebird said...

I'm glad to see a smaller box. As I'm on a diet a box will go stale before I can eat it all. Then I feel bad about the waste. I'm always happy to see smaller boxes, since I'm not feeding an army price isn't such an issue. Many food products come in HUGE packages. No wonder there is an obesity problem!

Anonymous said...

Futurebird you're a selfish idiot. Think of the many families that struggle to pay the bills. What about the single people who don't earn much. Kelloggs are evil.