Friday, December 21, 2007

Cinnabon cereal

As I keep saying, innovation is essential in today's crowded cereal market. Consumers are looking for something unique, and desire products that create an emotional response.

Cinnabon, a well-known baker of cinnamon rolls, knows that many people cannot resist the flavor and scent of their baked goods. Now, they have extended their success to cereal, with two new Cinnabon Crunch cereals (in Cinnamon and Caramel Pecan flavors).

Kellogg has several cinnamon roll variety cereals, but let's be honest: Which brand has the most appeal to consumers?

One way the big cereal companies can regain their edge is to partner with other successful food brands to create new, exciting, and appealing cereals.

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quanmadrid said...

Hello fellow cereal enthusiast. I added your blog to my cereal blog blogroll and was wondering if you could add me to yours, I'd really appreciate it. Take care.


Lloyd said...


Thanks for your link. I don't currently have a blogroll listed on my site, but will consider it when I do my next update. Nevertheless, I will subscribe to your feed.

Anonymous said...

And the cereals earn near top grades in term of nutritional value. Something, I truly cannot say about the original buns...

IMHO, a truly great fantastic-tasting product.

- YJ

finky the kid said...

I've been curious about this one. May have to try it nxt time I can get it on sale.

Just tried nature Valley's "granola" crunch cereal and was really pleasantly surprised.

Unknown said...

I bought a box of this today, because it reminded me of cereal I ate as a kid, I don't remember the exact name, but it was little mini cinnamon buns, probably a General Mills product, from the early-mid 90s.
I hope it's as good as I remember the other one to be

Anonymous said...

Love Cinnabon buns, but just tried the cereal. Gave it two tries but ended up throwing the box away. This stuff is terrible.

Elise said...

Vanessa, don't waste your time or money and spare your taste buds. I just bought a box of the Cinnabon cereal thinking about my beloved and long discontinued Kellogg's Cinnamon Mini Buns cereal (These are the tasty morsels you were thinking of). I have to say, I'm mighty disappointed. Not only with the flavor, but with the quantity. For what I payed, I should have gotten more than half a box. The buns are really hard and it has a funny aftertaste. (It also smells weird) On a scale of 1-10, I'd have to give this cereal a -3. Sorry Cinnabon, you have failed.

Mem said...

This cereal is great. I'm not really a cereal lover (and prefer cereal dry -no milk) but was looking to try the Special K diet when I noticed the Cinnabon cereal had basically the same calories, etc. and opted to buy it instead. I am so glad I did, it tastes fantastic. Its also a great late night, low calorie snack.