Monday, April 21, 2008

More on Archer Farms

A few weeks ago I reported on the new cereal packaging innovation being launched at Target with their Archer Farms house brand.

Visiting my local Target today I am even more impressed seeing the new cereals on the shelf. They look great, and stand out from the usual boxes of the other brands. The unique shape, the lack of inner bags, the plastic flip top, the attractive overall design, and appealing recipes make for a premium brand in its own right.

My question is: Why can't the big cereal companies come up with innovation like this?

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Anonymous said...

How is this packaging for recycling? That's where I'd like to see more companies go. Locally, I think I can recycle both the boxes and inner bags from standard cereal boxes, but I can't recycle Malt-O-Meal bags, and I'm guessing this container would also fall outside of recycling guidelines. I'd think some company could produce a single box or bag that would be recyclable (or better yet, re-usable in bulk).

Lloyd said...

The box is cardboard, so probably is suitable for recycling (although there is no recycling logo). The new packaging of Jordans cereals in the UK are probably the most environmentally friendly - they're even biodegradable.

Anonymous said...

I have found this package to be very useful. Also you can save the box and re use it for other snacks!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else found this package to be convenient?

garry said...

awesome taste
try banana walnut bliss