Saturday, October 09, 2010

Cereal leftovers

A few years ago I occasionally listed significant tidbits of cereal information and reflections that were interesting but not necessarily worthy of an individual post or in-depth comment. I haven't done it since, but I'm going to get back into the routine since there are many of these types of items that I come across each week that you might find interesting.

So, here are some recent cereal related items that caught my attention:

Physics Central explains the physics of cereal in your bowl

On ebay I've noticed Wheaties Halloween Costumes. Scary? (Georgia) reports that a man found a used tampon in his cereal and is suing the the store and manufacturer.

mental_floss provides a great overview of the stories behind some well-known cereal mascots

On the subject of cereal mascots, Jon Adams' City Cyclops has come up with a mascot image mashup of 16 cereal characters.

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