Wednesday, January 26, 2011


If you're not yet convinced of the power of social networking as it relates to cereal, you probably didn't see what was happening Wednesday in the Twittersphere. Like many random things that happen in Twitter, thousands of people started using the hashtag #awfulcereal sharing their opinion as to what cereals they didn't like. Although many responses were weak attempts at humor and even in bad taste, a wide range of legitimate tweets were made. For awhile #awfulcereal was one of the trending topics on Twitter, a true mark of significant traffic.

While this was a short-lived burst of nonsense, it should remind cereal companies that there are millions of people out there ready to talk about cereal through social networking. Hopefully, for their sakes the next topic will be #greatcereal.

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Bart Patton said...

Check out our homage to cereal and the Super Bowl.

Anonymous said...

I was following the #awfulcereal trending yesterday, and i agree, didn't find much quality, but there were a few amusing posts. in the spirit of cereal love, check out our dedication to all things cereal: