Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Going global

One of the most fascinating part of traveling is seeing the differences in things familiar from country to country. Cereal is a great example of this. Looking at cereal boxes from other countries is a fun experience as even among some of the big companies, like Kellogg, some dramatic differences are obvious. It could be in the name, mascot, promotions or the cereals themselves. Some of these cereals look great, others potentially disgusting.

Food is more than just another commodity. It is closely linked to culture, and therefore is expressed and experienced in unique ways from location to location. This obviously must be challenging for large global food corporations as they try to balance local preferences with large scale efficiencies.

But, we are also living in a global community that is, in many ways, shrinking before our eyes. Global brands are becoming more prominent across the board, and this includes food. For this reason, Kellogg is in the process of re-examining its  global marketing strategies, which have been largely decentralized to this point. The result could be stronger cereal brands that have a much great global recognition and appeal. This could be a tremendous growth opportunity for cereal companies.

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