Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Post goes Fit

Continuing to note new cereals for 2013, it looks like Post is really going at it. Since going independent in the last year it is evident that they are serious about getting back into the cereal game.

The latest example is with one of their stodgy old brands, Grape-Nuts. It has long been a minor player, usually hard-to-find on the top shelf of most stores, and chosen by only the real serious health food nuts. But, as part of Post's quest for new relevance, Grape-Nuts has been getting a make-over. The message now is that Grape Nuts is the perfect cereal to "meet the demands of the today's modern, active lifestyle." In addition to its original formula and flakes, they just introduced Grape-Nuts Fit, a vanilla-cranberry cereal to fuel active people. In some ways this is similar to Wheaties Fuel, but less testerone-focused; although with double the protein.

This is a strategy that just might work for them!

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