Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cereal alternatives: Breakfast Drinks?

The focus of this blog is cereal, but there is no doubt that cereal has inspired several new food trends over the years as our society has changed. Most notable in recent years have been cereal bars, the ultimate in convenience. While food bars of all types have become mainstream, traditional breakfast cereal has not been usurped, but it does indicate that cereal manufacturers have new competition, even if many have themselves entered intro the fray.

Now for the latest quest for the cereal alternative: breakfast drinks. And, this is coming from two of the biggest names in cereal, Kellogg and General Mills.

Liquid breakfasts are not new. Almost 50 years ago Carnation introduced its Instant Breakfast (now known as Carnation Breakfast Essentials), and within the last decade a few companies, including General Mills and Kellogg, were experimenting with cereal beverages. And, of course, there are all kinds of meal replacement drinks already available, most of them targeted at dieters.

But with the two big boys going after this again, maybe Carnation's original vision might itself become truly mainstream. With some people too busy even to get out their bowl and milk, with fresh marketing this could catch on to a greater degree.

Kellogg's entry into the market is with Breakfast to Go shakes. General Mills has announced BFast shakes. These are milk-based drinks, but with higher levels of protein, fiber, and other nutrients.

It's probably too early to tell how successful this latest attempt at breakfast drinks will be. Nonetheless, it will be an interesting development to watch, and taste.

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