Saturday, March 30, 2013

Review: Post Honey Bunches of Oats - Greek Honey Crunch

I'm still working to review some of the many new cereals introduced earlier this year. While my intent is not to review every new cereal that comes out, some are noteworthy and deserve the attention. Such is the case with the new Greek yogurt flavored Honey Bunches of Oats. Honey Bunches of Oats has become Post's leading cereal franchise, now with 12 flavors. What makes this one stand out above the others is the way that the company is taking advantage of a current food fad, Greek yogurt, and capitalizing on it. The marketing for the cereal has been fairly heavy.

This is not the first cereal made with yogurt, but the first major brand utilizing the high-protein, low-sugar dairy Greek type. Additionally, this variety is comprised of two granolas made with real Greek yogurt, whole grain flakes and honey. So, how does it stack up as a breakfast cereal?

Let's start with taste. I believe that a big reason for Post's success with the Honey Bunches of Oats brand is the creative combination of ingredients that are big on flavor. This latest variety is no exception. Apart from the more standard ingredients like granola and flakes, the yogurt clusters do add a bright flavor to the mix when you bite into them. Along with the slight sweetness, it makes for a tasty breakfast. So far, in my opinion, it's the best tasting new cereal of the year.

Medley cereals can be a challenge when it comes to texture. While variety in the mouth can bring about a kaleidoscope of sensations, once exposed to milk things can go awry quickly, as is the case with Cheerios new medley. Greek Honey Crunch balances it all quite well. The cereal is easy to eat out of the box, and even after soaking for 5-10 minutes it is still worth eating, although the flakes start moving toward the end of their life.

Marketing has contributed to this being perceived as a unique, healthy cereal. Even the stylized lettering (which is barely Greek) on the box contributes to the experience that consumers will have as they chow down. Combined with the solid taste and texture, the overall experience is very positive.

Post is definitely emphasizing the nutritious values of Honey Bunches of Oats in general, and this Greek yogurt version in particular. The claims here are on 5g of protein and 33g of whole grains per serving. Not bad, but all is not perfect. First, I am surprised considering the high protein qualities of Greek yogurt that the numbers are not higher. Also, fat (3.5g) and sugar (22% of weight) contents are little higher than what I would desire in a highly nutritious cereal. Nevertheless, you really can't go too wrong offering this to your family.

As you can tell from the individual categories and ratings this is a well-crafted cereal and one that deserves the attention it is getting. My only question is whether it will be able to sustain popularity once people move onto the next health food fad. Nevertheless, it will contribute to the overall popularity and strength of Honey Bunches of Oats. That has to be good news for Post, which seems to be getting it together in recent years.

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Jim Rayball said...

Good review. I did not like this flavor of HBOO as much as you, but HBOO is still my overall favorite line of cereals.

Jim. Rayball.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I love eating cereal so it makes sense that I also like to read about it. I'm from a small village in Norway so the cereal selection is very limited but I get some joy from knowing there are people out there eating all sorts of amazing cereals.

Keep up the good work!