Monday, January 13, 2014

HOT cereal

With concerns that cereal sales are down, or flat at best, a recent report suggests that one notable category exception is hot cereal, whose sales are up 4%. The hottest company is unsurprisingly Quaker, the leader in Oatmeal.

I have talked about this phenomenon before, but the evidence is growing. There are many reasons for this, part of which is people looking for something different than the same old cold cereals. And, porridges are a great comfort food, especially at this time of year. In addition these are generally perceived as healthier, and there may be some evidence to support that belief. For example, a recent study found that oatmeal helps you feel fuller longer.

There is growing innovation taking place in the hot cereal sector, and this could be the hot trend to watch this coming year.

(Source: Bakery and Snacks)

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